ThrIVe is an alternative wellness health and recovery spa based in downtown Wheeling, WV that focuses on premium wellness treatments by combining them with industry leading technology like AllCore360º. 


Jessica Barclay, founder of ThrIVe, started her business to provide hope to those facing difficult lifelong challenges. Her long-term goal is to eventually expand in order to increase the number of people she serves, but says right now she is focused on perfecting what she’s able to do with her first location. Responsible expansion is important to her so that she can provide the best quality treatment. 

Upending the traditional atmosphere present in the premium wellness treatment industry, Jessica has created a “glamdustrial” feel where loud rock music makes ThrIVe a cool place for both men and women. “There are pockets where our clients can stop and socialize – it’s a fun atmosphere!” she says. As far as the competition goes, there isn’t any. ThrIVe focuses on doing things differently by leading with innovative treatments and by bringing in premium wellness technology that you can’t find anywhere else. 


“Our biggest challenge was that we had a big gap in what we were able to provide.” ThrIVe offers premium wellness treatments that alleviate pain and that can improve circulation for clients with specific injuries or disabilities, but they didn’t have anything that could coordinate the firing of individual muscles or specific muscle groups. But with the AllCore360º, that has changed drastically. 


Since bringing the AllCore360º to their clients, ThrIVe has been more well rounded in its premium wellness treatments offerings. Instead of having different machines that perform different functions, the AllCore360º is a single machine that can be proactive and reactive at the same time. 

“It’s revolutionary! There is nothing like [the AllCore360º] – you can’t replicate it. No product even compares. It allows people to be more functional, gain more strength, and improve posture. There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t benefit from it.” – Jessica Barclay

It’s proactive in that it can help correct imbalances in clients in areas before they become problems down the road, and it’s reactive in that it alleviates pain by strengthening areas of weakness. 

Since adding AllCore360º to its variety of premium wellness treatments, ThrIVe has seen success with a client who has multiple sclerosis – her balance and coordination have improved tremendously after just 15 – 20 rides. “The difference is unreal” says Jessica. Additionally, ThrIVe has several clients who’s posture has improved and still others who’s neck, back, and hip pain are going away. 

One group of clients that has experienced this reduction in pain is police officers, who get 1 free AllCore360º ride per month courtesy of ThrIVe. “It’s our way of giving back to the community.” Police officers traditionally suffer from hip and lower back pain due to the heavy loads they carry on their belts. The AllCore360º has been a game changer in helping strengthen those areas and alleviating that pain. 


Jessica’s next steps include opening new locations and potentially franchising. “I see AllCore360º playing a big part in the success of that.” That’s because it helps everyday people who do everyday things. She sees it as being able to offer a mini physical therapy session without having to keep those people on staff. That way, she can continue to support local PT’s and Chiropractors through recommendations rather than bringing in a staff that would compete with those practices. It’s a Win-Win. 

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