Rider Testimonials

I had a massive stroke in 2003. With each ten-minute session, I see marked improvement in all areas related to my core. Not only has my breathing, endurance, and strength improved, but my balance and coordination are “waking up” … transfers (assisted and independent) are easier … I am more stable whether it be sitting or standing … and the little things I do all day every day are easier. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would see such a seemingly simple therapy render such impactful improvement.

— Susan K. Stroke Patient

It’s unheard of to try to do what I’m doing. The Paralympics community wrote me off in 2016 because I didn’t make the team, but that’s OK because now since I found out about the AllCore360°, it’s been an awakening. I will be back for 2020 with a bang, a big bang.

— Curtis Lovejoy. Paralympic Athlete and Multi-Gold Metalist

I sustained an incomplete spinal cord injury (C-6) after falling from a ladder in 2005, which has left me with various degrees of paralysis (quadriplegia). I can truthfully say that I have made definite strength progress in my core, which may be the first real core progress since leaving the Shepherd Center’s therapy program over 9 years ago. I feel my back is more stable and much more pain free since I began using this machine.

— Dave P. Spinal Cord Injury Patient

I love what it has done for my abs but even more i love that I have had basically zero back pain since I started 8 weeks ago. I’m sold.

— Jodi L.

Prior to using the AllCore360, I had terrible sciatic pain and my posture wasn’t the best. After using the AllCore360 for 2 months, I have lost 6 pounds of body weight, strengthened my entire core, improved my posture, and lessened my sciatic pain. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

— Holli H. Sciatic Pain

I had for many years been skeptical about going to a chiropractor and having my spine manipulated. But after my car accident, I decided to get over my skepticism and go to a chiropractor for treatment. Well let me tell you…it was the best thing for me. Not only did the pressure and pain of my low back was relieved, I lost 20 lbs. as a result of my therapy treatment using the AllCore360º machine.

— Linda B. Car Accident Survivor

The AllCore360º machine is incredible for building core muscles to help stabilize the back. It helped me get off my meds. Recommend those with back pain give it a try.

— Linda G.

Strengthening my core…this machine is ripping! Looks “laid back”….not! It’s perfect for rehabilitation, stabilization and overall fitness and performance.

— Empath Coaching

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Operator Testimonials

One of the best additions ChiroSport Dallas have made this year to our rehab/training protocols.. AllCore360º will isolate, challenge and expose the weak links in your core.

— Dr. Troy Van Biezen, DC

I understand how important the core is to everything we do in our daily activities. This is unquestionably the first system I’ve seen that can improve the health and wellness of every single one of my clients.

— Dr. Tim Gregory, DC

The AllCore360° is something that can help almost everyone: stroke survivors, spinal cord injury patients, chronic back pain sufferers… you name it.

— Joshua Zottnick, MED., ATC, CSCS, The Sheperd Spinal Center

The AllCore360° is the perfect resistance training tool. With all of the positive results that our staff and patients have experienced, the financial and non financial returns have easily surpassed our expectations.” I believe it to be the single best piece of equipment to strengthen every core muscle in the body, evenly, safely and effectively. This will help every person under our care whether they are rehabilitating from an injury, needing stabilization to prevent future injuries, or just wanting to improve performance in all phases in their life.

— Dr. Gregory Skye, DC

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