Scott Bertrand, D.C. – Visionary, Inventor, Managing Director

Scott has endured two separate core injuries that required intensive rehabilitation. The first accident occurred as a member of the 101st Airborne, when he was involved in a skydiving accident that resulted in a fractured lower back. He found physical therapy to be so excruciatingly painful that he chose to discontinue the treatments and was labeled as a noncompliant patient.

Twenty years later, Scott suffered a second injury, this time the fracture was to his neck. He found the physical therapy regimen to be the same and still excruciatingly painful. It was then that Scott made a decision to develop a better way to train and rehabilitate the core. The key principles behind his quest for a better solution were to:

  • create a customizable, universally-beneficial routine; use isometric, not isotonic contractions;
  • leverage the user’s body weight against gravity;
  • fully-coordinate 360° strengthening; and
  • cause no additional harm.

The AllCore360° Core Therapy and Training System is the culmination of that quest. With over 3 years of development and results, and thousands of treatments on clients, we are bringing the AllCore360° Core Therapy and Training System to the masses.