• 900 outpatients annually

  • 575 day program patients annually

  • 7,100 outpatients annually

“The AllCore360° is something that can help almost everyone: stroke survivors, spinal cord injury, chronic back pain sufferers, you name it.”  – Joshua Zottnick, MEd., ATC, CSCS

BACKGROUND: Founded in 1975, Shepherd Center is a private, not-for-profit hospital specializing in medical treatment, research, and rehabilitation for people with spinal cord and brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, spine, and chronic pain, and other neuromuscular conditions. They treat over 8,000 patients every year and remain dedicated to helping those with catastrophic illnesses and injuries lead better, more fulfilling lives.

THE CHALLENGE: As the leading rehabilitation center in the region, Shepherd Center is at the forefront of discovering new technologies that help them serve their mission and bring not only pain relief and recovery to those with a temporary or permanent disability, but allow their patients to rebuild their lives with hope, independence, and dignity.

With dedicated rehabilitation tracks based on injury type, Shepherd needs rehabilitation options that benefit a spectrum of patients with different injuries and varying degrees of physical ability. For a training solution to meet the needs of Shepherd’s requirements, it needs to be:


  • Applicable to patients with varying degrees of physical ability.

  • Customizable so adjustments can be made for varying degrees of difficulty.

  • Safe and secure for a variety of users.

THE SOLUTION: Leading the industry in core training, the AllCore360° uses patent-pending technology to capture the power of gravity and train the deep core in a no-impact, isometric, comprehensive, and balanced way. By engaging 50+ core muscles without putting any weight on the body, the AllCore360° is the ideal training tool for clients of all ability and athletic level. For the Shepherd Center, this method is dramatically impacting how rehabilitation programs are progressing.

“By the time Dr. Bertrand tilted me back to the target angle, and I made my first revolution, I immediately knew this machine was going to pay dividends for our clients and therapists alike,” says Zottnick, MEd., ATC, CSCS. “I realized that the AllCore360° was going to help our clients reach their goals of improved core stability and strength. I also realized that it would help our staff reduce injuries by getting strong themselves if they trained on it. In addition, it would reduce the amount of physical strain traditional core strengthening techniques required for our staff when assisting someone that has a spinal cord or brain injury.”

“For well over a decade, I have worked with individuals with disabilities. There’s never a shortage of new devices or technology that comes out for rehabilitation. The AllCore360° has brought a considerable amount of excitement to our clientele. The majority of people we see on a daily basis are wheelchair users with some sort of neurological or muscular dysfunction that affects their core stability. When they understood that working their core is no longer a hassle, they all quickly get on board.”  – Joshua Zottnick, MEd., ATC, CSCS

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