Build a stable balanced core. Live the way you want. 

With the AllCore360°, seniors can increase their core strength, balance, and endurance with a customized, no impact, isometric training program optimized for any fitness level.

Better Mobility for Seniors with the AllCore360°

As you age, it’s important to understand how maintaining your quality of life will change. With core training on the AllCore360°, you can continue your independence and stay active with safe, balanced exercises that build endurance, increase your balance, and improve your overall movement.

  • Grow your muscles strength, aerobic endurance, balance, and flexibility while putting minimal stress on your joints and bones.
  • Low-impact training that requires you to support your core strength in 360 degrees, so you benefit from full-body wellness.
  • Break a sweat and increase your overall activity levels with senior-appropriate, certified exercise that also contribute to your mental health and wellbeing.

Watch how seniors train with AllCore360° to prevent injury

AllCore360° can be customized to any pace. Here’s where AllCore360° can have an impact:

  • Isometric activity improves overall performance
  • Better Balance helps fall prevention

  • Better posture Increases confidence and independence

Hear what our fans have to say about AllCore360°.

Prior to using the AllCore360°, I had terrible sciatic pain, and my posture wasn’t the best. After using the AllCore360° for 2 months, I have lost 6 pounds of body weight, strengthened my entire core, improved my posture, and lessened my sciatic pain. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Holli H.Sciatic Pain

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