Do more for your customers with less. How often do business owners get faced with this dilemma?

When it comes to being a chiropractor, there’s also the added pressure of not just adding something trendy to your line-up, but in providing actual benefit to your patient’s overall health. We get it — there’s absolutely no use in adding something that isn’t working to increase your ROI.

But that’s what makes the AllCore360° so unique: It does work, and it can work for anybody. Helping to train people of all athletic abilities, the AllCore360° is a patent-pending training machine that targets over 50 muscles in the body to build a stronger core.

The best part? It can fit into an 8X10 space, AND you can strap your client in, turn the machine on, and walk away. Yes — walk away. It’s safe for patients of all mobility to operate on their own, so you can make additional money without even dedicated time to it. 

Here’s how the AllCore360° can help you add strategically increase your ROI at your practice: 

1. You’ll turn out people every 10 minutes. 

By using isometric contractions to engage 50+ core muscles, the AllCore360° trains the entire core in 10 minutes. That’s all the time it takes. With the added benefit of adjusting to multiple degrees of difficulty, the AllCore360° allows your clients — regardless of ability or athleticism — to participate, train, and start feeling stronger. 

2. It’s an efficient way to provide better customer service.

Every business owner knows that innovation is the key to keeping their clients locked into their services. With the AllCore360°, you can continue your typical treatment options: adjustments, cold and hot therapy, etc., while also offering your clients the added benefits of training their core. 

Bonus: Training the core vastly improved mobility everywhere, so your patients will recover faster than ever when using the AllCore360° regularly (we recommend three times a week). 

3. You keep your clients in your space for longer — and introduce new ones into the mix.

Have a client coming in for a regular adjustment? Strap them into your AllCore360° before they walk out the door. Want to increase your clientele? The AllCore360° is quick, so it’s the perfect answer for people who don’t have a lot of extra time to spend on training. It’s the ideal addition to the morning coffee run, the daily lunch break, or the quick stop before going home. Your clients don’t even need to change into exercise clothes to ride — they can hop on in business casual and make the most out of their short, midday break. 

4. You can increase your referrals (and your Google Reviews).

Referrals are one of the best ways to increase your ROI, and you can get a lot of return for a little work by incorporating emails. Consider taking a list of your regular adjustors (and AllCore360° riders) by creating an email series that asks for Google or Facebook reviews in exchange for a discount on an AllCore360° ride. You can send simple emails from your Gmail, or you can try a tool like Mailchimp and use a simple template to get more people involved in your services. 

5. Chiropractic tools improve your marketing.

Did you know that your local search listings are key to capturing people in your area looking for chiropractic services? That’s where those Google reviews come in handy. By being active on Google with updated location, hours, contact information, and reviews, you’re more likely to show up when people near you are looking for new services. With a chiropractic tools like the AllCore360°, you can easily build more reviews and improve your local search optimization. Another tip: Promote your AllCore360° riders on social media with giveaways and “tag a friend” deals. It’s a great way to reach a wider audience, and get more patients through your door. 

Want to learn more about how the AllCore360° can add value to your current chiropractic offerings? Get more information about the machine made by a chiropractor for chiropractors by getting in touch with us today.