Rehab and Train with the Patented AllCore360° Core Training System™

The AllCore360° empowers patients, seniors, athletes and everyday people to train over 50 core muscles in a new more efficient way – to recover faster, improve fitness and enhance physical performance.

AllCore360° harnesses the forces of gravity to train all of the body’s core muscles in a no impact, balanced, and coordinated fashion. By using isometric contractions to resist gravity, riders engage and train even the smallest internal core muscles while performing a 360° plank.




After 30 years in the fitness industry, I have never been this excited about the future of fitness. I am confident that AllCore360° can help everybody, regardless of their exercise history and past injuries. As a lifelong athlete, I understood on my first spin that there was no way I could mimic these movements in a gym setting.

— Robin Crespo M.S. Fitness Dynamics

“The AllCore360° is the perfect resistance training tool. Withall of the positive results that our staff and patients have experienced, the financial and non-financial returns have easily surpassed our expectations.” I believe it to be the single bestpiece of equipment to strengthen every core muscle in the body, evenly, safely and effectively. This will help every person under our care whether they are rehabilitating from an injury, needing stabilization to prevent future injuries, or just wanting to improve performance in all phases in their life.

— Dr. Gregory Skye, DC

I had a massive stroke in 2003. With each ten-minute session, I see marked improvement in all areas related to my core. Not only has my breathing, endurance, and strength improved, but my balance and coordination are “waking up” … transfers (assisted and independent) are easier … I am more stable whether it be sitting or standing … and the little things I do all day every day are easier. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would see such a seemingly simple therapy render such impactful improvement.

— Susan K. Stroke Patient

Prior to using the AllCore360, I had terrible sciatic pain and my posture wasn’t the best. After using the AllCore360 for 2 months, I have lost 6 pounds of body weight, strengthened my entire core, improved my posture, and lessened my sciatic pain. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

— Holli H. Sciatic pain