Dr. Jeff Langmaid, also known as the Evidence Based Chiropractor, is one of the leading chiropractic voices in the world for chiropractic communication and research-based referral building. 

In 2018, on a search for the latest chiropractic tools, Dr. Jeff tried out the AllCore360. Here’s what he discovered.  

The Problem

When Scott Bertrand injured his back in a skydiving accident, he took a natural next step: physical therapy. However, he didn’t know just how painful physical therapy would be. Before reaching recovery, he discontinued his treatments and was labeled a noncompliant patient. It’s not surprising — according to WebPT, only 30 percent of patients who receive outpatient physical therapy attend all visits authorized by their insurance company.  Why? It can be uncomfortable, difficult, and daunting. 

Bertrand’s perspective didn’t change, even after he fractured his neck and endured additional physical therapy. It was then that Bertrand knew he needed to make a change. But it wasn’t just a lifestyle change. It was a change that impacted the entire industry.

The Solution

Set out to solve painful physical therapy, Bertrand invented the AllCore360°. This core therapy and training system is the culmination of Bertrand’s journey, creating an innovative solution for an age-old problem. AllCore360° is a seated rehabilitation machine that harnesses the force of gravity to train the body’s core muscles in a no-impact, balanced way. It engages over 50 core muscles with isometric contractions, stimulating the body in 360 degrees — and in just 10 minutes.Anybody can benefit from AllCore360°. You don’t need strong arm muscles or even leg movement to take advantage of this machine. Most gym exercises involve the treadmill, elliptical, and equipment to raise the heart rate. These exercises aren’t available or accessible to everyone and can create even more injuries. AllCore360° creates a simpler, more holistic exercise. Whether you have a prosthetic leg or a broken ankle, you can use AllCore360° to its fullest.

Using the AllCore360° Rehabilitation Machine

The purpose of the AllCore360 is to train the entire core—the majority of your body, running from your chin to your glutes. Put simply, AllCore360° is as a 360-degree plank using a person’s weight against the resistance of gravity. To use AllCore360°, the patient will sit down and lift the arms. Once the arms are lifted, rhomboids will contract to create perfect posture. Next, the patient will tilt back to begin the complete, pain-free exercise. During this stage, every muscle on the anterior contracts as they maintain weight against gravity. 

As the user tilts and turns, they work out the abs. Depending on the patient’s current state, additional ab work may be needed. AllCore360° allows the user to modify the exercise to their unique needs, strengthening the right oblique, the left oblique, or the whole body. Each side is exercised for five minutes, once clockwise and once counter-clockwise. Whenever someone properly uses the AllCore360°, they end the exercise well-balanced. To get a better idea of AllCore360° exercises, watch videos here.

Start Your Workout With the Latest Chiropractic Tools

You can find AllCore360° at select physical therapy, chiropractic, orthopedic, and wellness facilities. As health professionals learn more about AllCore360°, you can expect to see this rehabilitator in even more places. In the meantime, feel free to contact us to learn more. We’d love to tell you all about AllCore360°!

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