Goal Oriented Training Launches AllCore360°

Goal Oriented Training Launches AllCore360° Mobile Unit at Valley Fitness in Harrisonburg

The AllCore360° System harnesses gravity to produce 360° of dynamic core development

HARRISONBURG, VA (Apr. 20, 2018) – The first time Robin Crespo took a spin on the patent-pending AllCore360°™ System, she immediately recognized that her clients at Goal Oriented Training could benefit from training programs dedicated to improving one’s core - the column of more than 50 muscles from the neck to the pelvis that supports the human body.

The AllCore360° Harrisonburg Mobile Unit is located in front of Valley Fitness (381 Lucy Dr.).

“After 30 years in the fitness industry, I have never been this excited about the future of fitness,” said Crespo. “I am confident that the AllCore360° can help everybody, regardless of their exercise history and past injuries. As a lifelong athlete, I understood on my very first spin that there was no way I could mimic these movements in a gym setting - especially in only 10 minutes.”

Crespo’s program specializes in lifestyle management to improve individuals’ total health and fitness in an effort to reduce the risk of pain, illness, and injury. Core training is the foundation of the movement portion of her program. As the proud home of the first AllCore360° System in Virginia, she is uniquely positioned to help her clients.

The AllCore360° System dynamically develops the users’ cores by harnessing gravity. In fact, users have experienced improved core strength, stability, balance, and coordination in three 10-minute sessions per week without ever changing out of street clothes.

“I am already hearing phenomenal stories from my clients, such as they’re sleeping better and without pain, losing weight, best core workout, and waking up dormant atrophied muscles,” said Crespo. “I believe the AllCore360° is the best thing we have ever seen to move people out of the struggle and into their healthiest state possible.”

For more information about AllCore360° Harrisonburg Mobile, please visit www.allcore360.com/Harrisonburg, or to learn more about the AllCore360° System, please visit www.AllCore360.com.