Performance Sport & Spine is a chiropractic practice specializing in sports therapy and spinal conditions.

“As soon as I saw the AllCore360º I was intrigued. The machine itself is an eye catcher, but its effectiveness is even more impressive. The ability to change the angle to serve any type of individual was a unique point of interest for me and my specific clients. I can put my most elite athletes on the machine as well as people in the earliest stages of rehab and see results within days. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to ride.” – Dr. Tim Gregory, Performance Spine & Sport

BACKGROUND: Performance Sport & Spine has provided spinal correction for over twenty years by utilizing gentle chiropractic techniques. By developing special “blueprint” exercises to strengthen and correct each patient’s individual problem, founder Dr. Tim Gregory improves on skeletal misalignment, as well as muscles and connective tissues that can be out of place or strained by improper alignment or use. With an emphasis on improving health before problems or pain arise, Performance Sport & Spine helps athletes and patients of all abilities achieve and maintain optimal health.

CHALLENGES: Gregory has focused his practice on improving the ability of athletes in rotary sports, relying primarily on exercises that target the core and alleviate the pressure applied to the spine over time. Traditionally focusing on exercises such as plank and crunches, Gregory felt there was a large portion of the core that his patients weren’t activating with traditional methods. Looking for a solution, he had three key criteria:

CHALLENGE 1: Engage the patient’s whole core in a low impact way

CHALLENGE 2: Complete the exercise in an efficient, timely manner

CHALLENGE 3: Have a measurable effect on performance

SOLUTION: With the AllCore360º’s isometric technique, patients were able to engage the whole core and benefit from the activation of deep core muscles in ten minutes or less with incredible results. As an added bonus, Gregory’s patients were losing inches on their waistline in addition to improved mobility, resulting in overall balance and health. In particular to his golfing patients, Gregory has seen a dramatic increase in golf drives as a result of a more stable body.

“The AllCore360º is great because it truly benefits my patients across the board. It also adds an additional source of income to my practice with a limited space. I have chiro patients that just walk by the machine, get curious, and ask about it. They’ll always end up using the machine. Plus, we get people coming in just to use the machine, and they turn into full-time clients because they see the amazing work that we’re doing in addition to the AllCore360º. It’s a win-win.” – Dr. Tim Gregory, Performance Spine & Sport

FUTURE: As Performance Sport & Spine patients continue to grow and treat patients, they are excited to expand their AllCore360º offering to more of their clients. “The best part of the AllCore360º is that it doesn’t just improve sports performance, it helps in every imaginable aspect of people’s lives,” says Gregory. “We are seeing so many applicable uses across different problems and abilities and athleticism. When it comes to exercises, innovation is not as abundant as people think. We have been using dumbells and free weights for years without much improvement — the AllCore360º is different. It’s literally flipped the ability to exercise the core on its side. Pun intended!”