Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates is a chiropractic practice based in Winston Salem, NC, dedicated to exploring holistic chiropractic healing through cutting-edge research and technology.

 “The biggest complaint that comes to us is: ‘My core is weak. My back hurts. I can’t really exercise my core.’ With the AllCore360°, we’re able to answer those needs and give care. We first applied it to athletes after meeting Dr. Bertrand and Blake and seeing the great results with athletes. Now, our athletes will get on the machine just because they love the workout, not for any specific condition or reason, but just because they can’t get that kind of core workout anywhere else.” – Dr. Gray, Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates


Dr. Gray with Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates has been in practice for over 25 years with a sincere focus on bridging the gap between traditional, holistic chiropractic wellness and the latest in physical therapy and exercise technology. With clients that range in their ages, needs, and concerns, Gray works with his assistant Frank Volrath to deliver the best aide for a number of patients and their unique goals. 

“People come to use because they’ve got a spinal concern,” says Gray. “What we try to do here is create an environment where the latest literature and technology come together to really make an impact on the health, wellbeing, and maintenance of an individual with those complaints. By adding the core to the recipe of treatment, we enhance the patient’s experience and also their clinical outcomes.”


Taking from the professional athlete arenas where they have access to the most current approaches to musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Gray’s method includes a lot of time and attention researching and incorporating current trends into his practice to better address patient ailments and health problems. To that end, he’s very skeptical in uncovering research that will enhance his way of addressing conditions or looking at technology that can yield a compound or higher degree of outcome with regards to pain or functional limitations. When he first discovered — and rode — the AllCore360°, he didn’t want to be overenthusiastic about it, and it’s benefits, and instead took a neutral approach. 

“I wanted to be mindful of my experience when I first tried it,” comments Gray. “I was taking notice of what I felt prior to the 10-minute ride and afterward, and I have to say, I’m undoubtedly sure that there was a different feel to my spine and to the movement of my body. In fact, I didn’t let anyone know that I had a slight injury to my SI joint, and was sore and stiff on top of it. And after I took the ride, I was, quite amazingly, less stiff and able to be a little more free with my motion. Three or four days later, my lower back and SI joint was quite calm. I was taken aback by the positivity of the experience, and started talking with Frank about how we could bring this technology to our clinic.”


After bringing the AllCore360° to his practice, Dr. Gray started incorporating the machine into his assessments for clients that ranged from young athletes to those suffering from pain. “What the AllCore360° brings to the table, which is very interesting, is a continuous workout for 10 minutes,” notes Gray. “You can’t get that anywhere else, whether you’re with a trainer or not. With AllCore360°, our patients develop the foundation that carries on to other parts of their life.”  

With the AllCore360°’s ability to be adapted to the mobility level of any rider, Gray’s patients were able to engage their whole core, and activate the deep core muscles that support the spine. Both Gray and Volrath saw marked improvement among a number of their patients, including a teenage weightlifter with hip pain, a retiree with chronic back pain, and an octogenarian yogi with neck pain.

“I have everyone from 83-84-year-olds to 16-year-old athletes on the AllCore360°. I’ve got clients with back pain, people that sit at desks, people that drive all of the time. I’ve got retirees, golfers, weightlifters, everyone. We can adapt the experience over time, and that’s a big driver for what the overall recommendation for each patient would be.” – Frank Volrath, Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates


Moving forward, Gray plans to remain dedicated to the results — as long as his patients are seeing returns on their physical investment, he knows the value of the AllCore360° will only grow. 

“The AllCore360° is a game changer,” says Gray. “As a clinician, we have our everyday approaches, but we need to step outside of the box to invite different perspectives on the paradigm that we once had, and look at ways that we can enhance in a short period of time. It really comes down to if people can experience it, and if they can feel it. By feeling it and seeing it, patients are more inclined to see how much practice plays a role in their overall health and wellbeing, especially in relation to their spinal health. The AllCore360° is just that practice.”

Rider Highlights: Meet Harry!

Harry completed Dr. Gray’s AllCore360° program and told Dr. Gray that “AllCore360° has enabled [him] to resume activities that were difficult in the past due to scoliosis and lack of core strength.” 

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