A: There’s a lot of noise out there in the wellness world — how can you make sure you’re leaving your mark? 

With countless directions to go when it comes to marketing channels, premium offerings, and best practices, it’s essential to market your premium wellness center with a consistent strategy. Otherwise, you’ll try everything, and instead of hitting the jackpot, your message’s inconsistency could lose the customers that matter most. 

So, what’s the right answer to “how to market my premium wellness center?” 

As partners in business with countless premium wellness centers, we’ve witnessed first hand strategies that lead to impressive membership growth, which is crucial for newly established centers. Check out our tips below for maintaining the integrity of your brand, sharing the value of your products and services, and filling your club with members. Ready to get started? 

how to market my premium wellness center1. Optimize your Google presence.

In the digital age, we’re going to assume you already have a stellar website. And once you do, the next thing you have to focus on as a premium business is ranking on Google. Are you incorporating SEO keywords on your site pages? Have you submitted accurate business information to your Google My Business listing? Do you have an automated process for collecting positive Google reviews? All of these components are crucial to  ensuring that your business appears in search results when your customers are looking for you, or new customers are seeking to find businesses like yours to join. 


Here’s a shortlist of marketing tactics to consider: 

  • Local SEO: Local SEO is a very effective marketing strategy for fitness and wellness clubs that want to target their local community. To get started, make sure to add local keywords on your website and blog in text and headlines. 
  • Google reviews: If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good Google review is worth $1000. Encourage your clients to leave reviews in exchange for a coupon code for a free service on their next visit, and sit back and watch the customers roll in.  
  • Google My Business: Google My Business is vital to keep updated with accurate information. From your hours and phone number to your photos and address, by ensuring this information is updated, you can help your customers find you faster. 

2. Creative (and trackable) resources  

Here’s a tip: If you’re not using videos to promote your business, you’re already behind. Same for tracking your efforts. If you aren’t finding ways to make your data work for you, you’re likely losing members without any idea of “why.” 

Let’s talk about video content first. From Facebook’s live stream feature to InstaStories, there’s a huge opportunity to be sharing videos of your workout sessions, new equipment and training options, and what’s really going on inside your space. The more content you post put out on social media, the more chances people who care about wellness have to come across it. Not only that, but when your facility is known for posting videos on social, it encourages members to post about their workout class to all of their friends as well. That right there is free advertising with reach to people who might also share an interest in premium wellness. Voila! 

In short, video content is an invaluable prop for getting more people in your classes, your trainers and therapists more appointments, and keeping your social followers up-to-date with your business. It doesn’t even need to be fancy video — get out your iPhone and just hit record. People love watching other people, so make it authentic, and get it out there.  

For tracking: Most of your clients are going to reach you through a digital experience before they ever set foot in your business, and that’s why you should set up tracking to know where your customers are coming from. With a Google Analytics account, you can see how people are getting to your website, identify where they’re coming from, and uncover which resources are sending the most traffic your way. With that information, you can build strategic marketing content resources that are as effective as possible. 


how to market my premium wellness center3. Exclusive offerings

While “premium” is most synonymous with price, there’s another qualifier that is just as powerful, and sometimes easier to control: exclusivity. By providing a service or product that is innovative and exclusive, you effortlessly set your business apart and drive traffic. Premium offerings like infrared therapy, cryotherapy, improved fitness and recovery training equipment, and toning treatments are cutting-edge offerings in the fitness and wellness worlds that are driving lots of traffic to the few clubs offering their services.  

4. Events 

Is there anything better than growing your cool factor than a party? Hosting special events at your premium wellness center is a powerful way to encourage new clients or celebrate your VIPs. Events are also an excellent way for your staff to network, announce new products and offerings, or introduce new services. Whether it’s for an anniversary, a holiday party, or just an occasion to celebrate good health and wellness, events are a catalyst to attract new clients and greatly increase your brand awareness. 

5. Partners 

You can always count on your friends — especially in marketing. When it comes to getting a premium brand out there, partnership marketing can be an incredible asset for spreading the world and cementing your high-value options in your market by association. In addition to delivering quality content, brands that partner can share audiences, offer unique value, broaden their reach, and enhance the overall customer experience. Plus, with a premium partner, everyone wins by association. 

There are a lot of ways to customize a marketing plan within these five best practices, so take the time to see how each initiative impacts your business and focus on honing your strategy to identify the most transformative tactics for investing the most time and resources. 

One last best tip: Your members and clients are the most important part of your marketing platform. By providing an incredible experience for every one of them, you work on building your universal premium brand effortlessly. And you’ll never resort to Googling “how to market my premium wellness center” again! 

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