As rates of opioid addiction continue to climb, and medical professionals are hesitant to hand out prescriptions as quickly, holistic treatments are on the rise. This is true for many medical fields but is particularly applicable to chiropractors, who are rising in popularity as non-prescriptive therapies are beginning to offer more options to patients than ever. From physical therapy to natural pain relievers, the number of holistic tools are on the rise, and these are the most important chiropractic tools for professionals to consider in 2019. 

1. AlterG: Ever heard your doctor sing the praises of running, but you know you’re just not in a place to run for any number of reasons? AlterG figured out the fix for those who need the help to move without pain. By using NASA Differential Air Pressure technology, the AlterG uses gravity to alleviate a percentage of body weight (that percentage is your choice) so that users can activate the muscles without all of the weight. Ideal for seniors, those recovering from surgery, as well as those with limited mobility, the AlterG 


2. Cryotherapy: Used by the likes of Will Smith, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Floyd Mayweather, cryotherapy has, quite literally, become so cool. Invented in Japan in the 70s, cryotherapy was initially introduced as a means to help alleviate arthritic pain, but since then, the practice of applying intense cold to the body has improved the fitness and wellness state of clients for several different ailments. Interested in learning more about this natural healing phenomenon? Hear from celebrity trainer Aaron Ferguson about cryotherapy’s remarkable effect on recovery



3. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators: Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators, or TENS, therapy is the practice of using electric currents to stimulate the painful nerve endings. Designed to be a short-term pain option, it’s used to address a number of conditions, including back pain, osteoporosis, labor pain, cancer-related pain, and more. For many, it’s a way to use both traditional medicines while also incorporating alternative treatments. And most recently it’s become a quality addition to chiropractic offerings by blocking pain and increasing the production of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer.  



4. AllCore360°: Core therapy hasn’t been updated since it was invented — until now. Offering a revolutionary way for people to engage the 50+ muscles that are essential to the core, the AllCore360° applies to any patient with any level of mobility to improve a number of ailments and is a perfect addition to chiropractic treatment. By rotating riders in a 360° degree motion, riders can work out on every plane, including the hard to reach deep muscles. In addition to increasing your ROI in a small space, the AllCore360° chiropractic equipment can improve your client upsells, provide better customer service, and can have clients in and out within 10 minutes. 

Chiropractic tools   

 5. Infrared Therapy: Known for helping many different wellness initiatives, including detox, weight loss, and disease prevention, infrared therapy is one of the biggest wellness trends on the rise. A favorite of clients, wellness centers, and chiropractors alike, infrared sauna therapy utilizes light to heat the body and detox systems by activating the deep tissues, promoting oxygen flow, and increasing circulation. It’s also known for leaving users refreshed, revitalized, and renewed, which makes it an ideal complement to a chiropractic session. Interested in learning more about the wellness attributes of infrared therapy? Check out The Happy Healthy Family podcast here on the healing power of infrared. 

Infrared saunas


With the chiropractic industry changing every day, keeping up with the trends can be challenging, but it is essential. Not only will offering the latest therapies help gain your business the edge as an industry innovator, but it’ll also bring more customers and revenue through your door. And that’s always a good thing!

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