About AllCore360° Team

By offering therapy-based exercises for lower back pain, core strength, and athletic training, we’re revolutionizing how people move.

Our Story

Scott Bertrand, chiropractor and the inventor of the AllCore360° System, has endured two separate core injuries that required intensive rehabilitation. His first accident occurred as a member of the 101st Airborne when a skydiving accident resulted in a fractured lower back. Scott found physical therapy to be so excruciatingly painful that he chose to discontinue the treatments and was labeled as a noncompliant patient. Twenty years later, Scott suffered a second debilitating injury; this time the

fracture was to his neck. He found the physical therapy regimen to be the same and still excruciatingly painful. That’s when he made a decision to develop a better way to train and rehabilitate the core. The AllCore360° Core Therapy and Training System is the culmination of that journey. With over three years of refinement and documented results from thousands of client treatments, we are bringing the AllCore360° Core Therapy and Training System to the masses.

Our Team

Matt Piell

Mr. Piell brings over 25 years of experience in successfully managing businesses, investments, overseeing technology development and commercialization, various types of real estate development and fund raising. During the past several years, Mr. Piell has overseen the restart and expansion of a recycling facility as its CEO, including the introduction of several new cutting-edge technologies which will be commercialized, invested in several real estate developments, and is overseeing the start-up of a proprietary, bottled water facility utilizing technology licensed from the inventor. Mr. Piell also has a history of interest in wellness and non-traditional medicines and procedures; a major reason for his interest in this venture.

Tristan Montanero

Mr. Montanero brings to the Company an expansive career in senior management positions. Most recently, he was Chief Operations Officer at Aaron’s Sales & Leasing, Georgia; a leading specialty retail organization with annual revenue in excess of $1.5Billion. He had full P&L responsibility along with steering the vision, strategy and execution for all facets of operations in the 1000+ company-owned store locations. Throughout it all, Tristan has repeatedly proven his ability to lead through diverse and challenging situations. He is an excellent agent of change, has a documented track record of success and is recognized for developing comprehensive plans to position companies as industry leaders despite competitive market conditions.

Scott Bertrand, D.C.

Dr. Bertrand is among many other things the chief designer and inventor of the AllCore360° machine.

Jeffrey K. Zwitter

Zwitter is an accomplished executive with over 20 years of senior management and partner-level experience in sales, marketing, investment banking, and venture capital.

Karl Poehls

Mr. Poehls is an accomplished executive with over 10 years in building start-ups from the ground up in myriad sectors including technology, healthcare, and advertising. Focused on all things financial and operational, Karl brings unique expertise to the AllCore360° executive team.


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