As all good ideas do, AllCore360° started with a leap. Two leaps in fact — the first from a military airplane and the second from a high-dive some 15 years later. At the end of both of these leaps was something our founder, Scott Bertrand, didn’t expect as he made the decision to jump: pain. Excruciating pain.

The first leap — as part of the 101st Airborne in Kentucky  — resulted in a broken back. The second was an unfortunate accident during a post-wedding celebration. Poised on the diving board, Scott jumped exactly as a swimmer crossed the pool below him, breaking the swimmer’s femur with his head, which also broke Scott’s neck. They both sound like debilitating injuries, right? They were. And for Scott, this meant many, many hours of therapy on the way to recovery.

After the first fall, Scott did the prescribed military therapy just long enough to realize that the recovery method was as painful as the injury itself. So he checked himself out of rehabilitation and decided to recover on his own.

By the time of the second fall, almost two decades later, Scott expected something better from therapy. When the recommended tracks — painful exercises to re-stabilize his core and provide his healing neck substantial support — remained the same as they were after his first injury, Scott took things into his own hands.

As a life-long athlete and chiropractor-in-training, he took his expertise in alignment and muscle recovery and started the long road of building his body back on his own terms.

If you ever hear that nothing begins when you quit, Scott is the exception. When he didn’t take the prescribed therapy route a second time, something else set in: the need to build a better path to recovery. Over the last decade, he’s dedicated himself to that one journey. It started with a couple of boards, a few nails, and a lot of heart. But with each iteration, Scott got closer and closer to his goal, until he finally got the winning mix and the AllCore360° was born.

The AllCore360° is genius in its simplicity. With a balanced, isometric, no-impact, and coordinated technique, the AllCore360° essentially allows users to perform a 360-degree rotating plank, without moving their bodies or putting weight on their wrists, elbows, or shoulders. The reason it works? The AllCore360° fundamentally changes the way we think about the human core: It’s more than just your traditional six-pack muscles, it’s the 50+ muscles that surround, envelope, and support the spine and protect your internal organs. With the AllCore360°, people are finally able to train their core in the manner it was designed to perform. It doesn’t just help people suffering from injuries, but anyone who wants to be stronger. Regardless of ability — the AllCore360° is a solution for those who want a better life. Period.


When you’re inventing something new, something totally revolutionary, it’s a rough, bumpy road to a final solution. But AllCore360° works — building endurance, improving strength, and increasing the mobility of everyone who takes it for a spin. It’s backed by some of the biggest names in therapy and sports training and has had remarkable effects on everyone who’s tried it. It may have started small — as a journey for one man to recover — but it’s done so much more to transform movement in people all over the country. And that’s what we’re really proud of, that we’ve been given the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people around us.

So are you ready to train yourself to a stronger core and better health? We’re ready too — just contact us and we’ll show you the AllCore360° difference. It’s big, and it’s worth it.

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